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Swaroop Sagar Lake

Swaroop Sagar Lake is an integral artificial lake of Udaipur, as we know mostly all the lakes in Udaipur are inter-connected; this lake is connected to Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar and also referred as ‘Kumharia Talab’.


Swaroop Sagar lake was built by Maharana Swarup Singh of Udaipur during 1842-1861. This lake was built to avoid water congestion, and to balance the water level in the connecting lakes, namely Fateh Sagar Lake and Pichola Lake.
Information and Things to do at Swaroop Sagar Lake

The Lake is connected to Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake, when Udaipur receives a good amount of rainfall in the monsoons, the lake gates are opened one by one in the situation of Lake Overflow.
In the Lake Overflow situation one can see the dams constructed on the Swaroop Sagar Lake slid up and water gushing through the lake and a taken to Fateh Sagar Lake through a water channel.
It is indeed the best time to glance the Swaroop Sagar Lake as it is lit with colorful lights along with waterfalls from the dam.
If you plan to visit Udaipur, we’d recommend you to stay in old city near the Pichola Lake and have a view of the scenic vast lake, but you can also find an accommodation near the Swaroop Sagar Lake as the view of this lake is no less.
Also for a dinner binge, you can visit lounges and restaurants adjacent to the lake for a better experience.
There are few gardens constructed near the lake to admire the beauty, one can also plan a small picnic in the same with picturesque scenery.


Swaroop Sagar lake is located in north-west of Udaipur, adjacent to the Fateh Sagar Lake and Lake Pichola. It is situated behind the Jagdish Temple near Chandpole connecting to Rangsagar. The Swaroop Sagar Lake is approachable by road from the Udaipur City. Visitors can take Local buses, Tongas, auto-rickshaws and taxis to reach Swaroop Sagar. The lake is a 3.5 km. drive from the City Station. There is no entry ticket levied on a visit to Swaroop Sagar.

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